Big-Data Encryption: Today’s Challenge

Harnessing the power of accessing vast amounts of sensitive data for business analytics, while mitigating risks of exposure and compromise of big data security

Big Data Encryption

Big data collects and analyzes large amounts of data from heterogeneous sources to discover unprecedented new knowledge and understanding of scientific and business scenarios. Aiming to gain greater insight into patterns not generally discernible from smaller data sets, big data business intelligence enables visibility into associations and trends that otherwise go unnoticed.

However, big data exposes the enterprise to numerous data security threats. Thales eSecurity can show you how to secure big data and help your organization secure its digital transformation and safely take full advantage of the benefits of big data.

Protecting Private and Sensitive Information

Source data used for mining and knowledge discovery typically includes private and sensitive information. The process of gathering data from multiple sources increases exposure.

Mitigating Risks of Attacks

Co-location services that leverage processing big data resources can be vulnerable. At-rest analytics and business intelligence represent valuable targets for attackers.

Managing Keys

Existing big data security solutions typically use fragmented cryptographic key management approaches.

Delivering Big Data Security

Encryption and key management are important components of a well-designed big data security deployment. Thales eSecurity offers centralized key management and standalone network encryption products to help protect your big data environment.

Creating Trusted Platform for Cryptographic Processing

Thales eSecurity big data encryption security solutions provide a foundation on how to secure big data that builds trust for digital assets. Cryptography and key management are tried and true data protection technologies. Given the higher level of risk involved when handling exponentially growing volumes of sensitive data, it is important to protect it from compromise with big data encryption.

Enabling Control and Agility

Thales and its technology partners offer integrated big data security solutions that enable enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits offered by big data analytics, while significantly reducing security risks of compromise of sensitive data. Deployed with Thales technology partner big data applications, these products facilitate auditing, helping one meet data security regulations.

Robust Security

Make the most of big data analytics with confidence that the data collected and mined is protected. Take advantage of cryptographic key management best practices to mitigate data exposure risks.

Operational Flexibility

Facilitates auditing and compliance with government and industry regulations such as PCI-DSS. Applies consistent key management best practices across big data while integrating with existing enterprise data security application.

High Performance

Prepare for the future with a scalable security approach and industry-standard interoperable key management solutions.

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The explosive growth of data in every aspect of our lives and in enterprises around the world has led to growing demand for business intelligence from this data. Enterprises depend on this intelligence to meet the needs of their customers quickly and with precision.


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The evolution of Big Data is in high gear. It is an exciting time for marketers, scientists, analysts and others looking for competitive advantages and new discoveries by examining their data sources in new and unique ways.


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Safeguarding sensitive data requires much more than just securing a data center’s on-premises databases and files. The typical enterprise today uses three or more IaaS or PaaS providers, along with fifty or more SaaS applications, big data environments, container technologies, and their own internal virtual environments and private clouds.


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As security teams struggle to contend with more frequent, costly, and sophisticated attacks, data-at-rest encryption becomes an increasingly critical safeguard. This white paper offers an overview of the different encryption approaches available today.


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According to the 2019 Thales Data Threat Report, 97% of organizations are using sensitive data on digitally transformative technologies, such as the cloud, big data, IoT, containers, and mobile environments.

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