Услуги Thales eSecurity

Легкое развертывание, передовые практики, максимально эффективные инвестиции в защиту данных.


Thales eSecurity offers a broad range of market-leading data protection products, related professional data security services, and training — all of which are designed to help your organization safeguard its business processes and stay compliant with regulations and best practice. Our Thales eSecurity Professional Services team can accelerate deployments, increase your confidence, improve your knowledge of best practices, and maximize return on your investment in data protection solutions.


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Company Experience

Over 30 years of providing data protection services globally.

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Maximize ROI

Accelerate deployments with the help of data protection experts in the Thales Advanced Solutions Group (ASG).

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Complete compliance

Safeguard sensitive information and business processes while being compliant with regulations and industry mandates.

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